Wednesday, December 1, 2010

West Zone Thanksgiving Day Celebration

This was our second annual West Zone Conference. Last year we hosted it alone in Sopron. This year, Hooray, Hooray, the Tompsons were here and we worked together and had the dinner in Szombathely because we have the biggest kitchen. You just cannot have Thanksgiving at our house without sticky buns for breakfast. So we made 3 pans of them. Yes, I do look tired in the picture, and yes, I was tired!

Sister Thompson decorate our tables. Only problem is that the missionaries didn't figure out that the turkey was also their napkin. They kept asking for napkins. They are amazingly bright enough to learn the hardest language in the world and then can't spot the napkin.

Bruce carved the elegant Turkey. It was pure chaos trying to get everything done in our little oven. We had to resort to the microwave to finish the Turkey but I didn't hear one complaint.
Aah! Time to rest and to eat. We had such good food. The Thompson's make the best corn casserole that I have ever tasted.
This is cute Sister Walker. Unfortunately, with this picture you cannot see how cute. But take my word for it, very cute! Anyway she is also the fastest dishwasher and made short work of all our dishes. No such thing as a dishwasher here.

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