Friday, December 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Now of course, Thanksgiving is not a traditional holiday. There are not pilgrims and indians to dress up like and no stories of how the indians saved our necks. (We repaid them so well too) But for the missionaries, this is a super pday, a whole day with no missionary attire!

They always have a big Thanksgiving fete up in Budapest for the missionaries in that Zone, so I decided that our missionaries should have something as well. We did the whole thing, thanks to packages from home. But I am still a lousy pie maker. These two cute girls are our sisters in Szombathely.
The elders were happy to eat anything I put in front of them but the mash potatoes with turkey gravy was the real essence of the meal for them.

Hungarian December

The first part of December I decided that Hungary was not such a bad place in winter. It was cold but not as cold as Utah.
We were going on our walks every morning except when it was raining too hard or blowing too hard. When the wind blows in sopron it really can push you over. And I am a fair weather walker so I wasn't much for that.
But on the whole, the weather was okay and we only had 2 mornings we had to scrape car windows. And best of all, there are still flowers. These pictures were taken about Dec 7 or 8th. Not too bad. There are beautiful pots of pansys everywhere. It's not Hawaii but I decided that I could do it. None of this 3 feet of snow that I had been led to expect.