Sunday, December 5, 2010


Winter has come earlier this year than last. We have had quite a lot of snow and are expecting a lot more. And with the humidity in the 65% range it feels bitter cold.

Just because you are a missionary does not mean that you don't have to push the stuff around. Elder Haslem tried to clear the walks but Liza thought he was out to play with her. You will notice our gate. In order to get into our house and into the warm, we have to get through a locked gate and two locked doors.

Luca is the cutest little dog in the world but has short fur, so she as to wear a doggy snow suit when she goes out to play. She reminded me of a little four year old out in his snow suit trying to plod around in the snow.
Dad says I will need a little dog like Luca when I get home. I must admit that he is pretty cute. But I think I will stick to Grandkids. They can be sent home to their mothers when you are through playing with them.

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