Sunday, December 12, 2010

Family Home Evenings

One of the really great experiences we have had has been our family home evening with the YSA. We hope that with our departure, if there is not a new couple to replace us, that they can keep this group going. Everyone takes their turn with everything. They are learning to prepare the lessons.
Some are excited for the challenge, other not so much so. It is just like with a real family as your little kids learn how to do the lesson. Everyone always share a talent. I wish I had pictures of some of these. Bruce sang, "Little girls have pretty curls, but I like Oreos. . ." for his talent one week. Zsofi showed us how to wash windows. Agi recited a wonderful poem. I understood none of it but it was long and sounded beautiful. Someone will share a scripture and explain why it is important. Of course, to the Haslems falls the charge of the treat. And then we play a game. All good family home evening must end with a game!

The Haslem family will all recognize "Neighbor". We made a set for the group, but here it is called "Szomszed". We also play zilch which we have renamed "Semmit".

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