Sunday, May 17, 2009

Called To Serve

We finally recieved the call: Budapest, Hungry! It was a bit of a surprise as it wasn't a place even in our thoughts. We told the Brethren that we would be interested in the position of architect at the polynesian cultural center in Hawaii, but were willing to go anywhere. Salt Lake decided that we were needed "anywere" it seems. It is exciting to think of the experiences before us. We don't think that we will learn the language at the MTC and I can't imagine being there without being able to commuinicate, (I'm hoping Rosetta Stone comes in Hungarian) but those things will all work out. We have been warned that Hungarian is one of the hardest languages to learn. We are scheduled to leave on Aug 3, and as we list up all the projects we want to get done before we go, the time seems very short. We think of the many things that will be happening at home during our 18 months away; a new grandchild will be born in the fall, Emily will finish nursing school and take her state exams, Andrew will finish his education; but Bruce and i have a very strong feeling that this is an important thing for us to do and that this is our time to do it. We know that the Lord will take care of our family at home if we give our time and money and any talents we can scrape together in His service. We have strong testimonies that we hold Gospel truths that can change lives and improve people.
So. . . come what may, we're on are way!