Sunday, January 10, 2010


Kyla Haslem

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Charlie Thomas Heywood

What could be better than a

Boldog Karácsony!

A Christmas in the missionfield. How much fun is this. It was a great season. Sopron is decked out with a lot of lights. It turned very cold! not as cold as Utah but then the moisture in the air is brutal!

This is the Fire Tower in the Central Square. It is beautiful all the time but with lights it is really a great sight. this has been one of the first times I have wished for our good camera as night shots are not so good with my pocket point-and-shoot.
The Chrsitmas tree went up on the main street and this is the advent calendar. Each night a group of children would come a perform and they would turn over a number to see the picture below.

They opened a lot of booths along the main street selling food and Christmas gifts. I especially like this vendor who was selling Christmas Tree Bulbs. You could find stalls like this all over the city. There was also vendors sending assortments of Christmas Wrap the same way, by the sheet.

This fellow is making a traditional Christmas Bread. You can see it grilling on the coals in the front. It is very good and after it is cooked they dip it in honey or nuts or both.
Bruce gave me a beautiful hand knitted sweater and he got a big picture book of Sopron. We had friends to dinner and enjoyed ourselves very much. Only thing that would have made it better is if I could have kissed my Grandkids!