Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quilting Hungarian Style

Xenia had a new baby boy, and i thought that was a pretty good excuse to teach the kids to tie a quilt. Everyone got into the action, including Brother Haslem

These are two of the Zoltans in our group. When you have to choose from state approved names, you get a lot of people named Zoltan.
I think that our Dio decided that such sewing work qualified her to belong to the old "Néni" group
This is our landlady and great friend, Agi and her daughter who was visiting, you guessed it: Agi!

Elder Feuz even made a few stabs at tying the knots.

The blue dots all over everybody were the sticky dots I put on the quilt to mark the place to tie. The is just one big problem. We were well into tying when I noticed that we were putting the ties on the wrong side. But done, is done.

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