Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween, Szombathely Style!

Halloween is not a holiday here in Hungary. They celebrate All Saints Day and decorate the graves. Beautifully decorate, I might add. But as with things American, the holiday is catching on. We put on the branch activity as an extension of our YSA activity. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun.
There is always a lot of preparations and we both worked at it. I spent an afternoon making donuts and chili:

Bruce cut and baked dozens of sugar cookies. and also made several dozen cupcakes for the "cake walk":

Dressing has become fun for everyone. I became one of many witches. These are the three young ladies from my English class. They have become pretty regular attenders at our activities.
I manned the room where we decorated cookies. This is something that is completely new to them. But they had great fun.
Bruce ran the "cake walk". One of the members set up a big sound system for the evening. We had great music.
The elders were in charge of the bingo game. I was certainly glad I saved this from last year. Please note the very interesting Utah State shirt Elder Feuz is wearing. He bought it in Pecs, Hungary.
We brought the group together for some games. Here you see the purpose for the donuts. Mostly just the kids and the "big kids" did this and the rest of us just ate our donut while we watched.
Then we took Tesco toilet paper and created mummies. This is actually the only purpose I would use this particular brand of toilet paper for.
Trick or Treat did not go exactly as planned. I had made spooky address for each door on the corridor. But mostly the kids ignored everything and just begged for candy, which is essentially what all the kids in the states do as well.
I created a memory Bingo game.
And then we ate the spooky treats. all the sisters were asked to bring a really spooky looking treat and then they just which was the most disgusting. The eyeballs won.

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