Monday, January 10, 2011

Making Piñatas

We are getting ready for Mexico Night next week. And what is a Mexican party without a piñata.
We started out last week with our activity covering the balloons with paper mache but we knew that there would not be time on Friday to get it all done so Bruce and I did the next two layers. What a job!

You will note with started out with grand ideas on the first two but it degenerated into just ruond.

But the kids had such fun decorating last Saturday.
Sister Hansen and Laura wanted to turn one of the round ones into a penguin.

Sister Wolfe turned another one of the balls into a fish
Zoli and I started the star but we were running out of glue so we just painted the remaining two pinatas. Tonight we will finish them ---with something?

Elder Hommes and Zoli#2 started to make Big Bird but ended up with just Bird.

Jeno and Balazs created "turtle-saurus"

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  1. Hey! Your pinatas are great! Much more ambitious than ours! Cute ideas!