Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Daily Walks in Sopron

Every day that it doesn't rain, we try to head out to walk for an hour. Senior companion for the day gets to choose the route. We have tried to find as many new streets and alleys and backways as we can and have found a lot of interesting things

We walk up in the hills were we found a lookout tower, "Sörházdombi". Unfortunately, on this day the air was hazy.

We find a lot of interesting and very old architecture, mausoleums, and churches, some built before the founding of our country.

We go slumming along Villa Street and find many beautiful homes. There is a lot of Austrian money here.

We meet a lot of friendly dogs along the way, it seems like every house. On a street we call "Kutya Utca", Dog Street, the first dog stirs up the dog next door and in turn the dog next door stirs up the dog next to him. This is one of the nice friendly dogs. Too bad you can't hear it as well as see it, but I'll bet you can imagine it!

And then at the end, we are always glad to see home again! Our apartment is left half of the main floor. The sweet little green car is ours.

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