Monday, August 17, 2009

We are here and in a wonderful little city called Sopron. we have had difficulty remembering how to log on to our blog. Christie finally has us under control and we are on line but are out of time. pday rules you know. we miss everyone but have a wonderful feeling that we can be of use here in Sopron. sopron is in the very west portion of the country, just 45 minutes from Vienna. It is very hot here right now. We did get a chance to bear our testimonies in Hungarian last Sunday. In fact we spoke in two different branches. Our area of responsibility will keep us moving around quite a bit and the only part I don't like is that we have to check on the Elder's apartments every 6 weeks to make sure they are keeping them clean and in order. We will post again as soon as we can and add picture. We are having to use an internet cafe right now. We are using one of the Elders apartments until our apartment comes open the first of September. Oh, and we have the cutest green car called"sweet pea".

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  1. Hi, all is ok. Walking a little but they wont let me up on my own. Know how to get to your blogspot now, have it my favorites so I expect updates.

    MOM Haslem